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A Golden Oldie Re: Tim Hallinan

Re-posted from Dream Station, first written in March 2010:

Real Tools for the Writer at Tim Hallinan’s Blog Cabin

     A friend told me about the Tim Hallinan web site at Click on “The Blog Cabin” to find an abundance of information from writing tips to getting published to learning the hard way in the real world of making a living as a writer. Kudos to Tim for putting the information out there for the rest of us! It’s great stuff.

Dream Station: I Want to Be a Writer

You have discovered the new blog home for Fay Moore’s Dream Station: I Want to Be a Writer. Dream Station used to be located on Google’s until Google decided to be offensively invasive of its user’s privacy. At that point, I abandoned the Blogger site and joined I am happy to be in my new home. appears to have the capability of growing with me as I move from an amateur author to the ranks of professional.

It will take me a while to learn to use WordPress. Eventually, I will add several of my former blogs from Dream Station: I Want to Be a Writer. The information will be helpful as reference material to those persons like me who want to write and publish a book.