The Seductress

Outside, the weather is warm. The skies are clear. The ground is soft and pushing green shoots up. My favorite horse Jake is nickering to me, “Come. Let’s go riding.” Soft breezes push my hair off my face.

I can’t see her. Nor can I feel her directly. Nevertheless, the seductress Spring has gripped me around the waist and pulls me outside. She wafts her perfume of fresh air misted with green grass and hyacinths into my nostrils. She serenades me through her minions, the mockingbird and song sparrow. She woos me with the soft hair of an equine hide and the sparkling glint of sunshine awash in a flaxen mane.

I yield to her. I am willingly seduced. The keyboard goes untouched. I leave home and my writing to be with the other man in my life, Jake.The other man in my life

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  1. Lovely! My family has 2 equine members as well (racing thoroughbreds, rescued from the “killer” auction houses)… My brother and I long ago named them the “preferred children.”

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