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    • There are some amazing talents out there. It’s humbling AND inspiring. And you deserve congratulations on 4 awards. 🙂 You are one of those special talents. Even though you laughingly refer to them as Ponzi awards, it’s nice to know your readers appreciate your work (which for you is really your play, you enjoy it so much).

      • Well, thank you… you are a very kind lady and I have a soft spot with dames…
        And it’s true, there are some talents out there, and find them should be final reason of an intelligent person, blogger or not. Of course there is a downside in matter … they clearly show you your limitations … making clear you will never get there which is quite tough for the ego 🙂 That happens especially in my relationship with NC Coot who is just one of the brightest minds I ever read in the blogosphere. And also because English is not my mother tongue…

        The other day I commented on one of his post:

        “This is fantastic … I’ve been splitting of laughter from the first sentence … apart from the undoubted beauty of your writing, your sense of humor is superhuman …
        On the downside, I’m thinking of closing my blog impossible to compete with your art… by far the best I have ever read on the Internet! And I read a lot…”

        He answered:

        “You’re really kind, D.
        Close your blog and I’ll toss myself off the building. I only do this to connect to good writing like yours”.

        I believe he is living on the basement…

  1. I so agree about the superb quality of NC Coot’s prose — and biting sense of humor. Unlike you, I am NO MATCH for the Master. I’m one of those. . .no, I’ll correct myself in advance — NC Coot wouldn’t bother tossing the Cootster off the building to connect with me. The event wouldn’t get Cootster subterranean enough to find my level. BUT I am a willing student of the Great Mastermind of writing.

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