Use the Bells and Whistles

In a previous post, I linked to Ryan Tracy’s Tips and Tricks for Self-Publishers, Part 4. His post gives some advice (learned from his own experience as an author selling on for authors who have completed writing and editing and are ready to upload  a book to He suggests practices to get the most out of  marketing your e-book.

I adore the simplicity of his premise: use all the bells and whistles available to you to tell the world about you and your book. Sometimes simple gimmicks make extraordinary differences. So try them.

The average e-book author who is independently published sells a mere 45 copies per title. Use Ryan’s suggestions to take yourself out of  average status into the stellar sphere. In his words:

“Another tactic I think is often overlooked is to take advantage of all the bells and whistles on your book’s profile page on Amazon. For example:

• Solicit “likes” and customer reviews.

 • Activate Look Inside the Book.

 • Upload customer images.

• Add keyword tags.

• Add book extras via Shelfari.

• Create an author page.”

In case you missed Ryan’s post the first time, you may read it in its entirety here:

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  1. I just put up a thank you for award. People should be able to get to you by search your blog name. It is best I can do primitive skills. “likes” on my blog should also bring traffic to you.

    I have material for three 100 cartoon books and have a kindle account. My friend was helping me but there are 3 reformat steps to go from image to kindle upload format and got too complicated. Plus the gray tones of kindle do not allow for optimal contrast my stuff. It is a print thing. Are you using kindle/amazon? Amazon posts you stuff and you stuff appears on other book sale pages as related or similar and you get free marketing that way. You get 70% royalty and they have hard cover capability too. That may take some investment but amazon is best hope these days and they are making a big dent in capturing the publishing business share over traditional houses.

    You have jumped into it full steam and should be successful. It took 35 years of submissions to sell my first cartoon. I had to learn a lot mostly on proper sketch presentation. On the other hand my blog was up just two weeks(started July 31 , 2010) and I had an editor request things from me in Brisbane, Australia ! There are about a dozen authors, painters, and graphic artists following me now and they all all pros. Hopefully some doors will appear for me. 4 other cartoonist have subscribed and I to them and that is a network now too.

    I also enter every poetry contest I can. You might try short stories too. They accept a lot of entries and you get published in their anthology. It costs around $60 for your copy so it is really a money making thing for these publishers. But I am in several and hey, published is published and builds portfolio to interest real publishers in your stuff. Copies also make delightful gifts for friends. Regards.

    • Hi, Carl. I may have a solution for you as far as publishing your book of cartoons in an e-format. Murder Mystery author Lauren Carr owns Acorn Book Services which offers affordable ala carte services to authors who are self-publishing and selling in e-formats. You can conact Acorn at There is a link on the web page for that purpose. I think you will be happily surprised with the affordibility of the services. Acorn is who I plan to use when the time comes.

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