Revisiting My Resolutions for Writers by Brad Geagley

Revisiting My Resolutions for Writers.

Today I chose to “press this” so that new writers can see that pro writers struggle with many of the same issues as novices. But there is another lesson from Mr. Geagley that is unintended. Examining his page and biography illustrates how a professional author markets himself and his works. Examine Geagley’s page with marketing in mind. Take notes. Learn from a man who has four novels out there, AND a man who has entertainment field credits.

The motion picture industry is masterful at marketing. Geagley learned what works by direct observation. He puts those lessons to work in his public relations for his products. Study his page and take away some ideas for your own use in the future.

Thank you, Brad Geagley.

Brad Geagley is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, “Day of the False King” and “Year of the Hyenas” and the self-published, smash hit, “The Stand In”. He has worked for many years as a writer and producer in the entertainment industry. The film that changed Geagley’s life was Joseph Mankiewicz’s 1963 film starring Elizabeth Taylor in the title role, Cleopatra. In fact, Geagley learned so much about the Egyptian ruler that he was asked to contribute to Kevin Burns’ two-hour AMC documentary, “The Film That Changed Hollywood”. Mankiewicz became both Geagley’s friend and mentor. More recently, Geagley can be seen in the new documentary, “Cleopatra’s Lost Footage” soon available on the BluRay release of the famed film.

His newest novel, “The Stand In”, a noir mystery set in 1957 Hollywood was inspired by an anecdote from Joseph L. Mankiewicz about a Famous Movie Star.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am struggling with my commitment right now. I’m not sure why, but I am doing absolutely nothing in the writing department

  2. You’re like The Giving Tree, Faye. Always selflessly sending along this really supportive and helpful information. What a great cheerleader you are.

    • Thank you for making my morning. You affirmed my mission. Mission accomplished — at least for today. Truth be known, I know I am a technician, not an artist, in my writing. But I still want to try to create a novel or two that others will enjoy reading. However, IF I can give wings and courage to a true artist out there through my work on the blog, then I will have truly achieved something for the betterment of others. Sounds really corny, but it is the reason I’m here. You know, a rising tide lifts all ships. . .

  3. Fay, I’m really flattered to be included on your blog. One of the most amazing things about this self-pub experience is the online community. Thank you for reading and for sharing. Best of luck with your writing!

    • Thank you for your encouraging words, Brad. And thank you for posting information that helps those of us who aspire to write professionally. Any time you want to guest blog here, you have an open invitation. Just let me know.

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