Laughter Is the Best Medicine

One of my favorite people tells “bad” jokes. By that I mean he tells groaners. His jokes make me laugh because 1) they are so bad they are funny or 2) my mind operates on the level of an adolescent male. I always feel great when I am with my friend because we laugh all the time.

Today I have another person making me laugh for the same reason. Blog Unique by Lynn Gaman at has posted jokes to make one smile. Here’s a sampling:

A policeman detains a transient and says to him:

“Let’s see, you, give me your name.”

“Yeah, right! And then what would I call myself?!”



“Doctor, doctor, I can’t remember anything.”

“Wow, and how long have you had this problem?”

“What problem?”



Doctor, doctor, I have broken my arm in several places.”

“Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t go back to those places.”


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