Background Music–Inspiration for Writing

Background Music–Inspiration for Writing.

Author Brad Geagley offers a tip to put you in the mood when writing. It’s a quick read and gives food for thought. Who knows. Maybe this tactic will work for you. A cure for writer’s block.

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  1. I use Jango for 1967-1972 music as I draw. Redrawing and reworking and resizing and redrawing again can be tedious and that part drains the fun and creativity and enthusiasm out of cartooning but the music really helps as your mind is focus there and not in the redraw drudgery.

    • I thought of you the other day when someone mentioned “high end” horses. My brain’s mental picture of your possible cartoon translation popped into my mind. It wasn’t long after your “high horse” cartoon was posted. I laughed out loud.

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