Getting Out of a Funk

I was inspired to write this post because of  my WordPress pal Riatarded at

What is one technique I use when I stare a blank sheet face-to-face and no conversation begins?

This sounds stoooopid, but it works for me: I admit I am dry as a bone and wallow in self-pity for the length of the hottest bath I can stand. Then I give myself permission to ignore my writing for a designated period of time. If I have a deadline, the time may be as short as thirty minutes. This weekend I took off two days.

I spent my “slacker” time digging weeds out of the vegetable garden and planning my spring planting. My bones are aching. I am exhausted physically. I welcome returning to the easy work of sitting and writing.

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  1. I think stepping away from something like you did is the way to go. No one does any good sitting in front of a computer fuming because nothing is surfacing. And making the break physical as you did is smart. After all, exercise improves brain functioning so it’s a definite win-win!

    • It’s really true about using physical activity to wear myself out. Once physically spent, my body begs for the rest associated with writing. As you suggest, my brain is rested from its vacation, so its ready to work. Win-win.

  2. My technique, not that its a good one…I write down something (an idea) then I go for a run. My brain writes the whole posting in my head while I’m running….maybe that explains so much regarding my blog!

    • The other thing I did recently was switch genres briefly. I put the novel aside and took up writing flash fiction pieces for a project of the local writers group. After whipping out a few of those, the old creative juices were flowing, making it easy to go back to the novel.

      Poetry, such as haiku, or song lyrics could also work in place of flash fiction. Both are short in length and a switch from long story-telling.

      Good luck!

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