Good Effort, Misdirected

This morning I have egg on my face. It’s not like I can secretly wipe it off, slink away, and act like it never happened. Noooo. I actively solicited some of you to vote for a story segment I wrote.

After I started my writing campaign, I heard from JK Bradley. It seems I misunderstood his intention, though he admits that his description was subject to interpretation. He corrected the part that I misinterpreted. To make me feel better, I think, he gave me some positive feedback about the piece I wrote. (As did some of you — thanks from the bottom of my heart. x0x0)

It’s like I said in my bio: “Sometimes I’ll trip up. Other times I’ll make a big splash..” This time I tripped up, making a big splash — a whopping belly flop.

So, with that said, let me point you, especially if you have hit a dry spot in your writing, to The Bradley Chronicles, where JK Bradley is hosting a writing exercise to help stagnant writers to get back on track with writing. Check yesterday’s post for the link.

Thanks for loving me in spite of myself. The good news: my mistake yielded about 450 written words. Why is it, then,  I am having such trouble buckling down to real work on the novel?

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  1. Just saw your comment on my blog from yesterday. Not sure if you still need me to vote? But as you say, getting 450 words written is a good thing, mistake or not. 🙂

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