The Bradley Chronicles, Take 2 #Indie500

The Bradley Chronicles, Take 2 #Indie500

Here’s Take Two on writing a short short story using the prompt provided on the link above. This is a different take on the same character, Jacob.


Road to Riches

F. Moore Copyright 2012

Incorrigibly curious, Jacob yanked the steering wheel to the right and parked on the shoulder. Through the windshield, he studied the Army green duffel bag straddling the center line.  He punched the hazard lights switch and exited the car. He was parked in a blind spot, so he listened for on-coming traffic. Hearing none, he scooted across the lane and snatched the sack, dragging it back to his car.

“It isn’t safe to sit here,” he thought, so he flung the bag into the passenger seat. He drove to the closest shopping center parking lot. For a moment, he eyed the duffel, wondering what was inside. He decided to open it and spread its contents on the asphalt.

Five minutes later, he stood astride a map of Vermont, highlighted in yellow with hand-written notes, a folding spade-pick combo, six wood stakes, a spool of orange surveyor’s tape, a small sledge hammer, a gold panning kit, a pair of work gloves, a flashlight, spare batteries, a box of Ziplock bags, and a  sleeping bag. In his hand, Jacob held a small glass vial with a note inside. He unfolded the note. It read:

If you find this, follow the map. It’s your road to riches.

Jacob repacked the bag and put it in the trunk. He pondered his next move. His trip home was unannounced. No one knew he was coming. That difficult conversation with his father could wait. He pointed the car west toward Vermont.

To himself, he sang, “Follow the yellow brick road. . . .”

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  1. That is so weird. I saw your post on my blog about reading this and I replied, Sure, I’ll follow the yellow brick road, before even seeing this. How is that for serendipity? This a great story.

  2. Fay, this is a great start for a story. You’ve built a nice amount of intrigue by setting up this mystery. However the voting works out, here’s what I think, you should use this story and work with it. Maybe put out 500 or so words every couple of days for your followers. It’s really good.

    Nice job.

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