Never Pass Up an Opportunity to Love

Those aren’t just words, but lifeblood to me. NEVER PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY TO LOVE. In this life, it is something that never grows old — either to give or to receive. One never exceeds one’s capacity to give it. One never runs out of room to receive it.

(And for those skeptics out there, I have the fortune cookie to prove it. “There is only one happiness in life: to love and to be loved.”  You can’t argue with the ancient wisdom of the Chinese. Sorry. This is a serious subject, but I couldn’t resist. I really do have the fortune on my frig door.)

Love can be practiced simply through random acts of kindness. My hope is that acts of kindness happen more frequently than not, so that random can no longer be used to describe them.

If you are a hermit or live far from any other being on whom to practice love, then my advice to you is write about it and publish. You have found  a way to give it away.


Here’s a little metaphysical advice from

Be still and listen. Observe and interpret. Abolish, diminish, expel fear and embrace love. There is no need to second guess, trust and you will always do the right thing. Support is abundant, just ask because it can come to you from many angles.

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  1. Fay, I’m a true believer in love and kindness. But there are some days when the world seems as if hate and ugly are the true winners …which is why I love reading your blog! It keeps me remaining hopeful…thank you!

    • Truly, you made me tear up. I despise the ugly truth of what you say. It hurts me every day to see it; it hurts me worse when I contribute to it. I’m a work in progress, as are we all. Hang on to love. It is what will save us.

  2. Love IS a splendid thing for sure! Tricky but so important in order to feel every other emotion available to us. I agree that “One never exceeds one’s capacity to to give it.” Once you start giving love, it is hard to stop.

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