What Do You Think?

This morning I have had my first negative thoughts about the anthology project of the local writers group.

My WordPress galpal Crubin calls her negative self-talk Mr. Nasty Pants.  Apparently he is visiting me this morning. He is suggesting that my writing micro-fiction for the anthology is a bad thing because I am trying to be a novelist. I am sending a wrong message to readers by introducing them to me through micro-fiction.

I say, “Nonsense.” He is persisting in his argument.

My view is  I am new at this writing game. I have made a conscious choice to write a novel: that is the genre in which I believe I want to work. However, blogging has taught me that I like writing short pieces just as much. Then I discovered micro-fiction. It’s the haiku of story-telling. It’s fun and challenging to me.  It improves my self- editing skills. Yes, the flavor is different than the novel. But is it really a bad thing to write in more than one genre?

When I get an ice cream cone, I mix up the flavors. Each scoop is different. I eat one flavor at a time, with an occasional drip-catching lick to the others. I like variety. I like sampling. It’s my bad.

Remember. I have stated, “I am not a Hemingway.” What I mean is I have no illusion of producing classic literature that will be studied through the ages. I want to entertain, amuse, calm, nurture, persuade, tickle my reader. My works are meant to be read, mulled over for a brief duration, then shared or shelved.

If I aspired to create literature, then I would understand perfecting my craft in a single genre. As it is, I just want to be read, then read again.

What do you think? Give me your point-of-view.

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  1. I think you should write whatever you feel compelled to write. I prefer novels, but because I am a little frustrated working through an outline, which I know I should do, I’m writing a short story, too. One where I can just write and not worry about outlining first. Whatever floats your boat, I’d say. 🙂

    • I do have good news associated with my six week detour from novel writing: I have resumed the novel. I stopped work on the novel because the story took on its own life (it had a detour of its own away from my original plan). I came to a wall that I couldn’t see over. So I started writing for the anthology. Last week I resolved the blockage in my novel’s story line in my head. Today I resumed writing. So detours can serve a purpose.

  2. When I am hungry I eat what my body tells me it wants. Write what your self tells you to write and to hell with Mr. Nasty Pants!

  3. One of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman, writes all over the place and mixes his flavours. He says he is a better writer for it and I believe him. Stephen King says there is nothing like the short story to tighten your writing.

    Don’t limit yourselve. All those short stories in anthologies will look fantastic when you write that covering letter to an agent making mention of them.

  4. I agree with all the other comments. Why do you have to chose one style over the other? Look at all the great artist, their style never stays the same. It all depends on whats going on between their ears! Life isn’t about limiting ones self…as far as Mr. Nasty Pants…it doesn’t surprise me its a Mr.

  5. To me it sounds like the “word” is what gives you the joy – so I’d say it doesn’t matter in what form it is put out there, as long as it’s displaying the true state of your mind. 😉

    • Sound counsel. I shall run with it — like the wind! Funny thing about writing with a group. I temper the extreme things, so not to assault sensibilities of people I see frequently. Some of them would strangle on their own tongues if they knew what lurks in the dark recesses of my imagination. I choke up a bit myself sometimes when I bump into what lives there.

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