Rallying Cry

Okay, I am trying this once again. I have posted my less than 500 word continuation of the story, based on the prompt of JK Bradley on his blog. I desperately need you to go to http://thebradleychronicles.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/indie-500-second-week/#comments  and open the comments. (Click on the cartoon-style balloon with numbers in it. It’s near the headline. ) Then go to my comment, where my entry is posted, and vote for me.
At this moment it is a two horse race. JK Bradley won his own contest last week. Let’s give him some competition this week and force him to have to write his own entry next week from someone else’s prompt!

Whadaya say? Will you help me out here and vote for my entry in the contest?

Thanks! Mucho with besos y abrazos.


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    • Thank you, darling girl. JK Bradley named his post Indie 500, so I want to give him a run for his money. If Team Fay prevails, this could get interesting. Maybe each team member could write a segment, with the rest of the team voting for that individual’s work. Tee hee. I giggle just thinking of the possibilities.

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