My Summer Job

Not too long ago I told you about my summer job. It’s the work I do that let’s me keep writing. I’m farming on a very small scale.

I sold memberships in my vegetable garden. This week I make my first client deliveries. My customers will receive asparagus, Bibb lettuce, radishes, Swiss Chard, rhubarb and two dozen brown eggs from my darling henny penny girls. Next week is  unclear, though I think it will be mixed salad greens, spinach, radishes, peppermint, oregano, Swiss Chard and more eggs. My customers get whatever is ripe in the garden.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have planted 10 varieties of heirloom tomatoes — 40 plants in all! Somebody, besides me, is going to be preserving lots of red, yellow and purple fruits — tomato sauce, ketchup, jam, pickles and any other concoction one can dream up for tomatoes.

And don’t get me started on the varieties of peppers (capsicums for my Aussie friends) . . . .

Furthermore, I make hay on small fields — two to seven acres. Today I stacked 70 bales of mixed grass horse hay. Since I have three horses, I put up my own hay first. Then I will sell whatever I have left over. I use about 300 bales per year. That’s girly sized square bales about 30 lbs. apiece. Big ol’ burly man bales can weigh 50 pounds. If I pitched those, I’d need should surgery for a torn rotator cuff.

So if I happen to skip a day here or there writing on the blog, you’ll know where I am.

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    • Thank you. I work hard to create the life I have. It doesn’t just happen. So I appreciate the fruits of my labor, so to speak. 🙂 Thank you for the affirmation. May you, too, have the life you love!

  1. Well let us know when you set up a writers’ retreat! (And give plenty of time for poor travelers to wander in 🙂 )

    You say this is the job that allows you to keep writing, but it sounds like all that would take up quite a lot of time. I’ve quit regular work and now write full time, and I’ll say that it seems a greater challenge! (Since it’s not just greater in a sizable way, but also in a philosophic approach- it meets my need and I love it.)

    I’ve learned that taking just one job with daily time requirements has the power to change your entire schedule in the most restrictive ways. ALL other jobs have to move around that one, no matter how you were previously organized. It’s true that writing is not easy, as some who do not write would have others believe. It is rather a demanding challenge, and simultaneously can be very rewarding as in any job.

    I don’t know how you do it all, but I know that you find your ways. You really do have a neat set-up, and in order to grow you my need to develop that retreat I was jesting on up above. Visitors could wake and help with pickings as they like for activity and get their writing done all day and night….etc etc. If I had land access like that- it’s what I’d do.

    I like to think that anyway. Many writers have done their best work on simiilar retreats. It’s not something I’ve ever considered before, due to life’s usual obligations. Since I’ve been writing full time though, the idea has occurred to me more than once and I’ve been researching some of the available set-ups.

    Thanks for triggering my consideration again! Great post- I know all your partners will be happy; it’s very rewarding to have your own fresh veggies- those are the ones I always want to just eat like apples- straight bites and down the hatch.

    • Thank you for such great ideas. I have thought of coordinating writers’ retreats, though not at my home. I like the concept. I will have to think about that.

      And you are so right about fresh veggies tasting fantastic. The same is true of fresh eggs.

      Tonight I picked the asparagus that was ready. I washed and trimmed the ends before sticking the stalks in a small pitcher of water in the refrigerator. I popped the trimmings into my mouth. Delicious. I didn’t know I would like raw asparagus so much. The flavor was amazing.

      Finally, the work of raising good food for others is so satisfying. This is my first year, so I fret that I will fail somehow — deer eating the crop, a plague of locusts hits my neighborhood, or some other disaster I can’t control. I am hyper-vigilant. My logical brain tries to balance out my fear mongering. That is my only stress at the moment.

      At least, I have good customer service ethics!

  2. I am so envious of your garden, and thank you for the translations 🙂 I have a little one to the side of the house, but not on this scale. I would love it. In Scotland I have a very big one, it is worked and sold at local markets. Stacking those bales and all that harvesting, and you blog. You’re impressive 🙂

    • Thank you, sweet lady. My little secret: I hate to exercise, but love the outdoors. I use my farm work as my gym workout. Same thing really, except I get more benefits. I visited Scotland once and loved its wild rugged beauty. I enjoyed Edinburgh. A line of my family heritage originates from Scotland.

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