as i knew you always would be

I pressed this from Coco J. Ginger. I love the raw power of the pain she expresses. We’ve all stood  in these shoes somewhere in time. As you read this, are you feeling it, too:

I didn’t believe in past lives, but if I did I would believe that you lived one, and in that life you were everything I knew you could be. You acted as tangible men did, and you were good, so so good, superior to all others in every way. As I knew you always would be. And I loved you. You, being everything I deserved, worthy of my every affection. Free to embrace the height of my passion. But as I said before, I don’t believe in past lives, and I don’t believe in you.

via as i knew you always would be.

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  1. This sounds contradictory, but it must be that moment of weakness that sometimes we,women have. To be or not to be, love or not love…that is the question.

    • Especially if you have been burned before. Then the fuse is short, very short. That is how this piece hits me. It is as if he dashed her expectations, and she is reacting to the hurt with venom.

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