Haiku–The Crow

The Crow

by Fay Moore (c) 2012

The crow stands atop

the light pole–untouchable–

surveying his world.

I love crows. I enjoy watching them in the field behind my house. I feed them and provide a water source. Some people think I’m nuts to attract them. I can’t tell you why, but I am enamored of crows. Sometimes we caw to each other, though my vocailization more often sends them flying. On rare occasions, the conversation continues. Often a crow will perch in one of the trees in the paddock and watch me tend the horses, braying an occasional comment at me. He wants to be sure the work is done to his standard. He’s my treetop supervisor.

Recently I was seated in a car, waiting on my companion to return from an errand, when I spotted a crow atop a light pole. He walked in circles on the pole’s flat top, looking out in all directions. He seemed content on his perch. My guess is that, in the entire packed parking  lot, I alone sat looking up at the crow looking down on us. That incident resulted in the haiku above.


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  1. I’m not a big fan of birds because mostly we just have seagulls where I live and they like to go potty on me… But I like crows because they generally avoid me! 🙂

  2. Fay, That is too weird. I talk to crows, too. At one location they answer me back, at home they fly off. (I think it is my weird accent. he he)

    I feel as if I start the day off seeing a crow, it is a good day.

    Caw Caw, Lean

    • It’s in the genes. There is a strong native American belief about the crow that is interesting to read. Search “crow totem animal.” It is one of their powerful symbols.

      The affinity has been there since childhood.

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