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Coming In Like a Lion

Today –the last day of June– I was driving my car, my radio set to a rock station that was playing selections from four decades. The songs conjured stories. I thought, why not do a month of musically influenced short stories? Each story will be inspired by one song. The inspiration can come from the lyrics, the emotion or simply the sound of the music.

So, for July, that is what I am going to do. Intermixed with my usual advice for writers and other similar stuff, I am going to write a short story, flash fiction or haiku tied to music.

My first song selection is “Black” by Pearl Jam.  It is the melody that was playing when the idea hit me. I’ve included a YouTube link below, which includes the lyrics. This anthem expresses the bitterness associated with lost love. A listener doesn’t need to know what the lyrics are to know the vocalist is expressing emotional pain.

If you don’t know the song. listen to it the first time with your eyes closed. Just feel it. Then watch the video so you can read the lyrics.

The story is coming soon to a blog near you.

A Factoid All New Writers Should Know

Excerpted from by author Tina L. Hook:

“Don’t you want to see your book on store shelves?”

While my answer was a heartfelt yes, I was willing to face the trade-off. To self-publish means to relinquish all mainstream bragging rights, since readers won’t find you as credible if you are not stocked at their local bookstore. Other fans were also negative on the idea, worried my debut novel would struggle to find an audience without the backing of traditional media. By all accounts they were right to be concerned; marketing is a daily challenge that distracts me from my real passion—writing my next novel. Even my seasoned PR rep. has confirmed that becoming a successful author is often a ten year track, at minimum.

[Emphasis is mine, not the author’s.]



Funny I should read this post on Stadler Style today. When my segment to the Story Circle gets published later today on , the twist in the story comes from exactly this kind of experience. A revelation between friends that was never expected.

A special thanks to Stadler Style for giving us a lesson in improving the depth of a character.


Got an e-mail from Cam saying the posting of segment 4 of The Reunion was being delayed briefly. It was supposed to appear on her site at this morning at 6 AM. Check her page later.

Here’s how you find the story: At the very top of her home page ( on the upper right, click on The Story Circle. Select The Reunion, June 2012. There you will find all the parts. Right this minute, there are the first three segments. Sometime later today, my segment, the closing, is to be added.

Please tell me what you think.

P.S. You will enjoy perusing Cam’s site. There is much to tempt writers.