And While We’re Talking About the Blues. . .

Picking up where I left off yesterday, let’s listen to one more guitarist who rocks the blues: Stevie Ray Vaughn. Again, he is an example of making a public display of passion. He has the knack to make you feel what he feels through his music.

I am including a link to two songs. One is joyful. It’s called “Pride and Joy” and exudes the bliss the singer finds in his “sweet little thing”, his “pride and joy.” Listening, you feel his toe-tapping jubilation.

In contrast, the second song takes you to the depths of despair. Click the link below for “The Sky Is Crying.” Turn your logic off and listen with your soul.

Pride and Joy

The Sky Is Crying

Learn the lessons of the Blues Masters. Study the art of grabbing your audience and dragging them with you through an experience.


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