On Horseback

The place I find center is on horseback. It’s where I do my best non-writing writing. It’s where I can clear my head and think.  It’s where I go to get away for a while.

Recently the pace of life has been overbearing. It’s growing season. We’ve had an exceptional amount of rain. My garden and yard are reverting to jungle. I can’t keep the weeds at bay. Insects are reproducing and foraging faster than my non-toxic pesticides can deplete them — especially given that each shower washes away the protective shield.

The hay fields go uncut because there is no weather window in which to work. I need four days of sunshine in a row. That’s not happening. My hay customers want hay. I can’t make any to sell them.

For six weeks, I have not ridden. There’s too much work to do.

Yesterday the weather was perfect. A cold front blew in and cleared the air of humidity. I worked outside till I ached. At lunch time, I planned  the afternoon’s labor as I chewed. Then the phone rang. It was my riding partner.

My riding partner  got a new job. For three days straight, she went to work in the afternoon and worked until 1 A.M. re-setting the floor of a large department store. Yesterday, after going to bed at 2 A.M., she had returned to work at 5 A.M. and would be getting off work after lunch. She wanted to know if I wanted to go riding.

Both of us, played out from our labors, sought sanctuary and renewal. Both of us knew where to find relief. On horseback.

As a creative person, you must have a source for recharging, a place or activity to draw from the wellspring and refresh.

Use it.

Otherwise, your batteries may be drained so thoroughly that they die.

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  1. Sounds vaguely familiar… 🙂 I’m sorry the rain’s causing a delay in your hay harvest, but I’m so glad you were able to find your center (literally and figuratively) with your babies! ♥

  2. Riding my horse is what saves me as well. I have actually been contemplating getting rid of her because she will not let the farrier do her feet but I know if I was without a horse I would go into a deep, dark depression. I have always had a horse to take me into the woods and explore with, to unwind from all the daily pressures. What would I do without her?

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