Research in Palm Beach

Isn’t it marvelous when a trip taken for one purpose can be made to fulfill another purpose at the same time?

My husband traveled recently for business purposes. I was able to tag along. While he attended meetings, I did research. His business meetings were conducted in a famous old hotel in one of the world’s playgrounds of the wealthy.

In the murder mystery I am writing, one of my characters is apprehended in a public place populated by the affluent. It turns out that the hotel in Palm Beach is the perfect location for the scene.

So while my husband is working, I poke around the hotel and take notes. I record descriptions, floor plans, names of bars, meeting rooms, et cetera. During what could have been mind-numbing hours of waiting for my husband, I do research.

The bonus is I will have the information saved in a file for future use in other stories. Knowing how fruitful my imagination is, I have no doubt that I will collect a few story ideas at the same time.

Twofers: two for the price of one.  I love it when one event can serve dual purposes.

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