Final Edit Before the Editor

Last night I slaved over my submissions to the anthology project by the local writers’ group. I am editing the pieces and trying to assemble the collection in an order that seems logical or easy to read.

I am fretting.

My genre for which I want to be known is the novel. Yet the pieces to be included in the anthology include haiku and short fiction.  The longest piece is about 500 words. There are a couple of 55-word micro-fiction stories. It’s a weird assortment. But then I am a weird writer. Or I write weird stuff. Or maybe all of the above.

I am fretting.

I want readers to like the material. I want the stories to introduce me to readers. I want those who read the stories to want to read more from me.

I am fretting.

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  1. Dear Faa

    Maybe your strength is not where you think it is. You naturally seem to write shorter things, maybe that is your strength.

    So don’t fret! Be happy!

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