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  1. I am so happy for you. What a wonderful feather for your writer’s cap! Woman, my friend, author, you’ve arrived. p.s. Have downloaded entire story to my Kindle. Forever!

    • Is it really okay to finally feel like a writer? The accolades are so precious, and the fear is grabbing at them, trying to tear sweet words into tiny pieces to blow away in the wind.

      • You? Afraid? You are FIERCE!! Can you blame fear for being a jealous master? It is like Amanda who is so used to having the power to rule that it strikes with “spewing venom” at any thing or person that tries to dethrone it. You deserve the throne and your words are your crown. Beautiful and just! :):)

      • Loved it! Not what I expected, but in a good (very good) way! I love the fact that Devon came out on top, and I love even better that there was no “hands holding while walking off into the sunset lovey dovey” ending =)

      • Yeah, I wanted something closer to real life, not dream life. I wanted it to celebrate the great things that are right there, in your hand, right in front of you, that you often take for granted. Devon is a jewel, and Taminy recognizes it. True friends are hard come by. Cherish them.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Always nice to see a waitress get her due (speaking as a former waitress 🙂 ). Well-written and absorbing. Congrats!

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