Without any introduction, here’s my short story, influenced by the song “Black” by Pearl Jam.


by Fay Moore © 2012


The night is black as bitterness. He sits in the dark, staring out the window at thunderheads that are casting spears.


“Thor, my man, I feel you,” he says.


At that moment, all the twinkling lights of the cityscape, that have been mocking his dark thoughts, extinguish. He blinks. It is pitch black before him.




He has been sitting in the dark so long his eyes are accustomed to night. He decides to take a walk and shoves his house keys into his pocket. He heads toward her apartment. He tells himself he wants to be sure she is okay. In the dark. Alone. In the city.


She left him three weeks ago. He told her good riddance, that no one would want her scrawny ass. He told her then, she’d be back. She didn’t come back.


He walks with purpose, covering ten blocks quickly. He pulls his dark hoodie forward and obscures his face. He stashes his hands in the pockets. With his black pants and boots, he’s invisible in the night. Soon he is positioned outside her street-level window, concealed in the night shade of a tree, whenever lightening flashes overhead.


He sees her come into the window room from someplace out of view, carrying two lighted candles in holders. She sets them on her low coffee table, as if at the edge of a stage. He feels he is watching a live performance from an orchestra seat. Then, he sees the actress look offstage and smile. She says something he cannot hear.


Another player appears in the footlights. A man. He is carrying a bowl of chips in one hand and two bottles of beer by the long necks in his other hand. She sits on the couch, opposite the window. The man sits beside her. He places the food and drink on the table, then leans back, throwing his arm behind the woman on the back of the sofa. She is laughing. She leans up, gets a beer, then leans back, nestling into the man. They are talking to each other. Animatedly. Happily. Together.


Not like the watcher and she used to talk.  Then it was at, not with, each other. At least that’s how it was at the end. How it was on the night she left. She left him. Forever.


He feels forever. It’s black.


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