Good For What Ails You

One of my favorite bloggers is T from He explores man’s inner workings and darker moments with finesse and clarity. Further, he is a damn good writer.  A masterful wordsmith.

Anyway, while reading a recent post (, I came across intelligent advice for almost any situation where one is experiencing loss, consternation, indecision, pain or any other strong internal conflict.

T says:

When you can walk it off, do. But when you can’t, rest up first. Have yourself a good cry. Get well. And then walk.

Although this advice was given in the context of making one’s way through the roadblocks in the life maze, I find it is also helpful to me as a writer. I have been rejected, demeaned, frustrated, confused, scared, burned, broken and any number of other paralyzing traumas over the course of my writing career. In the past, some of these situations or feelings made me lay down my pen for months or years at a time.

Always I was able to resurrect my desire to create through doing something akin to the advice shared by T’s character. Maybe his technique can work for you next time something strangles your creativity.

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    • You’re right. But sometimes taking it on the chin knocks the stuffing out of us. Sometimes we need to hide in the aftermath of the scuffle, which is what the other post I put up today is about.

      • Yes, I didn’t mean to imply that the “get back up” part always happens right away. Sometimes a period of inactivity refuels the soul.

      • Yes, you are right again. And sometimes my soul isn’t what needs refreshed — it’s my sense of humor or my will to press on. Sometimes I just need to kill my evil twin who sneaks in under my skin! 🙂 Then the world looks right again.

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