Short Story Book Project Starting Now


That apology is for the persons who hated the song prompts in July. I’d planned to use song prompts for one month just to see what happened for me as a writer. I had such fun and created such a diverse collection of stories from the July song prompts, that I decided to continue song prompts into the coming months until I have a collection of 100 shorties. Then I am going to e-publish the collection.

That said, here’s the first song prompt for August–“The Good Life” by Three Days Grace. Lyrics can be found at the link.

What I have discovered is that using a diversity of songs as prompts inspires a diversity of stories. What an eclectic collection July’s prompts inspired!

My next trick will be to try using music to prompt me when I get stuck while writing on the novel. If it works, I will be so excited.


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  1. Fay – are there readers who don’t like the song prompts!?! That sucks! I think they’re great and a great idea. Can I ask: how do you come up with your song prompts, how do you select them? 🙂 Good luck with it all! Do you welcome suggestions from readers? Because I will gladly give you some recommendations. 🙂

    • Hi. About the song prompts, I go to YouTube and start randomly listening to songs. Usually You Tube recommends other songs, so I keep listening until one strikes me. I try to look for a variation to themes I’ve already explored, so I don’t get bored. I’ve already picked all of August’s prompts. But if you have a couple that you’d like to recommend for September, please let me know. I’d enjoy the variety!

      • That’s a cool way to do it, Fay. 🙂 Youtube is great (and bad for that!) it’s so easily to lose lots of time that way. Okay, a few suggestions – and I’m changing the genre here to Jazz – I won’t be offended if you don’t choose them! 😉

        ‘Slow Drag’ by Donald Byrd (this is a fabulous instrumental with just a few random vocal parts – speaking really, voiced by the drummer)

        ‘Bizet Had His Day’ – a big band track that I have listened to countless times.

        I just think both of these tracks are really evocative. They are intense and there is a sort of eeriness to the latter. Anywo, they could be good for you… Let me know what you think. 🙂

      • I’m going to go listen to each now. I love the switch-up to Jazz and a big band era selection. New inspirational stuff. THANKS! Look for them as prompts in September.

    • XOXO — Hope you like the Kokomo piece I posted today. Don’t ask me why my mind does the things it does with songs. I think the piece is not what you’d expect.

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