When Words Won’t Come

For two days I have wrestled with a story from the song prompt “Lightning Crashes”. I don’t want to wimp out in my writing when confronting that which is raw and primal. Nor do I want to go down the path of describing a scene of evil, which is the image my mind keeps presenting.

I have told my brain, “No. Find something else.”

So I sit here, figuratively with pen in hand, with nothing to write.

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  1. Lol – writer’s block is so annoying, eh? My suggestion: write ANYTHING. Doesn’t matter if it’s nonsense. Psychologically, it will feel better to look at a page which has something written on it rather than a blank page!

    Why not doodle something – eventually the words should begin to flow.
    Good luck, Fay! 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement and advice. Your words not only help me, but also others who may be in the same situation as I am.

      After writing my post, and letting the problem go, I did get an idea about using a dream as a device. I’ll work with it and see if it works.

      • That’s excellent news, Fay – good for you! That’s the other thing, some times just sharing the fact that you’re having difficulties can help to sweep the cobwebs out! Good luck with it! I think dreams can be a wonderful source of inspiration! One gave me what I consider to be a pretty cool idea for a potential children’s book. 🙂

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