55 Words Microfiction: Lightning Crashes

Thanks to you and your advice, my brain was jogged loose from being stuck.

You know what’s funny? The idea that first came to me evaporated when I began to write. My brain took over. It decided that the story generated from the song prompt needed to be a 55-word flash fiction piece. Like lightning, it is quick and brilliantly illuminating.

The story is a study in contrasts, as is the song which prompted it. I hope you enjoy it. It was hard coming, but like childbirth, when it finally happened, it poured out in an instant.

Lightning Crashes

by Fay Moore © 2012

She misses the thunderhead building until a flash illuminates his actions.

When she asks him the first pointed question, she opens a door and looses a tornado in the room. The argument is at hurricane force, words hurling back and forth, slicing through heart tissue, wounding fatally.

From love to hate, it happens so fast.

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  1. This struck me right in the heart. I’ll have to try something like this on my next post. I seem to have too many words floating around my head to make a long story, short.

    • Thank you so much. I’ve done my job if I have opened you up to new possibilities. Since finding this genre, I have enjoyed the discipline it takes to have a beginning, middle and end in so few words. There is a 33 word version, but I have only managed to write one of those successfully. It’s easier to choose the “less than 100 words” variety.

      • I will try to the 100 word variety first and then try to get down to 33 words. I don’t know if I can handle it though. Giggle.

    • Thank you. I just couldn’t connect with the “raw and primal.” The place where my mind wanted to take me for those emotions, I didn’t want to go. In fact, I refused to go. That’s going to happen, I guess.

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