Quote for 8-14-2012

Love this! Cherish this!

If you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s easier to do.

–Neil Gaiman

A special thank you to Lightning Droplets for introducing me to Neil Gaiman through a video clip on her web site. The video is of a graduation speech of Gaiman’s and gives budding authors–and other artists–priceless advice. Find it at the link below (May 23, 2012 post):


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  1. This quote reminded me of when I was 18, headed off to Paris, France to be an Au Pair girl, $80 in my purse, and no credit card. NO credit card. I was completely on my own. Flew to Amsterdam (because that was cheaper, and waitressing tips didn’t exactly net me a huge savings in the bank). Took an overnight train to Paris. And prayed my assigned family would be there to greet me. No email to confirm back then.

    But it all worked out. Probably because I was too naive to think it might be “impossible.” 🙂

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