Missing in Action

For two weeks, I have been enmeshed in family concerns, so I have been missing in action on this blog. No short stories. Not much commentary. No visiting other blogs. To cut to the chase, my spouse is facing open heart surgery in the near future. So please bear with me during this time. My presence will be intermittent. Thankfully, I have several posts in the pipeline, already on the schedule.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.


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  1. Don’t want to hit the like button 😦 but wanted to say thanks for letting us know what has been going on. Sometimes we wonder what happened to a poster and appreciate the time taken to clue us in.
    Peace for the coming days.

    • Thanks. Hang a couple of crystals in happy places for me, would you? I’m counting on my spouse doing well, since this procedure gets done a lot. When the doctor told him a “possibility of sudden death” between now and his surgery, it spooked me a bit. We have a few weeks to wait while he goes through lots of tests and prep work. But the statistics say he’ll be fine.

  2. I’m really terribly sorry to hear that, I don’t really think there are words for a time like this, but I’ll send my best wishes to you and your spouse and a prayer that everything turns out ok.

  3. Heavens Fay, you have your hands and heart full right now. It’s amazing you get here at all. I shall be thinking of you and your family and waiting for news. You are very very dear. 🙂

    • Thank you. Your encouragement inflates my heart to do battle with the day. My husband is fighting a battle of his own with fear. My job is to keep him focused on the positive.

      • Hi, Kate. Hubby’s catheterization happened yesterday as part of the discovery process. The news was good. No significant blockages. However, his valve is failing fast. With all the pre-surgery processes done, now comes selection of the surgeon/ hospital combo. We are lucky to live close to Washington, DC, so hubby has options in close proximity. Next is insurance pre-authorization of the procedure and approval of the physician/ hospital selection. Then pick a surgical date.

        He had a syncope event on the way home from the hospital. Scared me to death because, unlike his previous syncope episodes, this one involve convulsing. I thought he was coding on me. Then he instantly revived, unaware of the fact that he fainted.

      • Hi, Kate. After numerous pre-surgical procedures, my husband meets the cardiac surgeon this morning. The key for my husband is whether or not he likes/ has confidence in the surgeon. My husband has done his homework with his cardiologist and other medical friends to select a short list of surgeons. My guess is he will return from his appointment today with a surgical date.

  4. This is so hard to believe. Many prayers going up for both you and Doug. You have done your research for Dr and hospital. That will pay off.

    Much love and caring.

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