3 Days of Writing and 2,800 Words

It’s Day 3 of the writing getaway. I am realizing this was a great idea. My production dropped a bit on Day 3. I think it’s because the writing I did  was mostly dialogue. It’s slower going when I write dialogue. It takes up more page space, but yields less words.

Outside the window of the room where I am working there is an abundance of air traffic today: black unmarked helicopters, small planes, commercial jet aircraft, brightly painted helicopters. It’s noisy, so I am declaring my writing done for the day.

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    • 1,200 more today, so that’s 4,000 for the week. I am shocked, overjoyed, excited and hopeful for what next week brings. For now it’s the weekend. Time to regenerate. 🙂 Do I hear an amen?

  1. I always feel like I’m running lines when I write dialogue – acting them out, having conversations with myself. No wonder people think we writers are crazy. 😉

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