Three Books in Twelve Months

My publisher Lauren Carr is also an author. In the past six months, she has released two books. Her birthday is coming up. Do you know what she is doing to celebrate? She is spending the day writing on her next novel. My bet is, that by summer, she releases another book. That means she will have written three books within a year.

Several successful authors are prolific–meaning they write more than the traditional one book per year. If the authors are managed by a traditional publishing house, they have to use pen names to put out the extra works.

The luxury of self-publishing or independent publishing is no one restricts your output under your own name except you.

Remember, the statistics say that momentum in book sales doesn’t kick in until the author has three to five titles published.

Do you want to wait three to five years to get that momentum going? I don’t know about you, but I’d like to speed that process along by writing and releasing more than one book per year.

Of course, I am not one to talk, given I have plodded along on my first novel for two years. I hope that my history of writing at a snail’s pace is about to change.



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  1. If one writes 2k words a day, one achieves roughly 60k words a month, depending of course on the month. Conceivably, one could have up to 12 first drafts a year.

    Daunting, but possible.

    I think I’m going to shoot for 10k a week and work my way up. That somehow feels less daunting. So I should, conceivably have 7 drafts by the end of the year. Now if I can just stay focused…

  2. Hey, Fay! Glad you pointed me to this post. Sorry it has taken so long to stop by–but I’ve been writing! I am proud to say I has a stupendous birthday with a total of 8000+ words in one day! Everyone left me alone, I turned off the Internet and pounded away on my laptop.

    Hope to take time to write another guest post for you and your friends, Fay, about writing multi-books a year. I used to beg writers not to try to write so much so fast that they sacrifice quality in favor of quantity. But, having done it, I have learned that there done right, it is possible.

    More later …

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