Moore About Pen Names

At Terry Irving discusses his decision to stop using a pen name. His post is serious and offers advice to writers struggling with the nom de plume issue.

My post, on the other hand, is a tongue-in-cheek look at fun pen names I could use in the future. As a start, I’ll mention that Terry Irving’s pen name is Mike N. Mauss, a combination of the names of his cat and dog. My list follows:

T. R. Fore (from a vintage sports car of mine, a Triumph TR4)

Jacob N. William (copying Terry and combining pet names)

Guard N. Gate (thinking about the entry to a favorite outdoor place)

Nita Paycheck (referencing my current financial condition)

E. Zee Sailing (my dream about making a bestseller list)

M. R. Byers (the good folks who help me make the bestseller list)

Ann O’Tate (for my obscure–or obtuse–works)

Why don’t you share some of your funny names with me?




4 responses »

  1. Anita Margarita (my state after dealing with writers block)

    Bendi Gumbi ( for when you need to be more flexible in life)

    R. Yee Wild (a name that will have you choosing the leopard thong over the granny panties)

    Sandy Shore (because life is a beach!) ; )

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