Another Baby Step in the Right Direction

The chapters for Dead with Envy are now properly formatted and ready to send out to a few critical readers to get that last input from outsiders before publication.

–There is more good news. I am going to be reading another author’s work (for pay) to provide him with feedback. I am at a point in my life where I can use the extra cash. The timing is very good.–

So back to the main point. I am getting some critical reviews. I have the cover art in hand. Now I have to write acknowledgements, a dedication, a bio (really hard for me, believe it or not), and get my head shot (for publicity use–not for inspiration on the next story line). A friend who is retired from professional photography agreed to take some candid photographs. I am hoping one of those will work for my publicity photo.

It’s little stuff now, loose ends to tie up, that stand between me and publication. The launch is very near. I am quivering.

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  1. These are all steps I think I’m nervous about as well, I am at the point where I’m looking for a publisher/agent to find a publisher, and … I don’t really know what I’m doing. How/where do I find cover art? What about royalties for the artist? What’s a good price to pay? Where does the biography go, on the jacket? Just lots of questions. But I think it’s thrilling for you that you’ve gotten to this point, and I can’t wait to hear how everything unfolds. Really, truly, best of luck to you, and please keep us informed =)

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