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Throw Enough at the Wall. . .

. . . and something will stick.

I used that quotation in yesterday’s response to Rarasaur. Immediately, I knew I had to share a motivational thought with you.

Having several irons in the fire can be a good thing, providing you are continually working to complete the projects. Eventually, you will finish a project, then another, then another. As a writer, this means that you will end up with several salable items.

This tactic only works for folks like me whose brains like to jump from one thing to another to avoid boredom. It won’t work for those who start things, but never finish them. You have to finish the projects. It’s finishing them that brings a pay day.

Rarasaur has a good method. She has a list and a concrete goal for each item listed; for example, creating one idea a day for thirty days for a book project. At the end of a month, she will have thirty possibilities to consider for her next writing project. Of the thirty on her list, one is bound to seize her imagination.

You may want to try the “many irons” approach to see if it works for you. The key to success is devising your own method to complete the projects on your list.

Recent Reads

After a long dry spell in my personal reading, I finished five books, three last week. Many of you read multiple books a week regularly. Other than reading for college, I have never read three complete books within seven days.  The other two books were read a few weeks ago.

Here’s the list:

Mark Sarvas Harry, Revised – first novel

Dean Koontz Forever Odd – part of a  series

Thomas Harris Hannibal Rising – part of a series

Sue Monk Kidd The Secret Life of Bees – first novel

Todd Burpo Heaven Is For Real – first book

The funny thing is that each of these books were loaned to me by someone who read it first, then recommended it to me to read, giving or loaning me the title. Beside my bed, I have a stack of twenty books, maybe more, all recommended to me by another and waiting for me to commit to reading it.

Isn’t it odd that I haven’t selected a book for myself? Instead, my reading is guided by others.

The last time I picked a book for myself was more than a year ago. I chose Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. The one before that was Stephen Hawking’s Universe: The Cosmos Explained. I read most of both books, but finished neither.