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One of the items on my bucket list was to see petroglyphs in situ. As a reward to myself for finishing the first draft of the novel, I went to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada and saw a collection of over 800 specimens in the Mouse’s Tank region.

public use Valley_of_Fire_Petroglyphs

(photo from Mr. Silva, Wikipedia, in the public domain)

A tank is a natural well in a depression in a rock formation that collects rain water and holds it over a long period. The tanks were used by native peoples as a source of drinking water in the desert. Summer temperatures in Valley of Fire can reach 120 degrees.

Seeing the petroglyph above, and others nearby, thrilled me. I can scratch that item off the bucket list.

Photo of A Bucket List Top Ten

Note from Fay: Banff is on my Bucket List Top Ten. One look at Patrick Latter’s photograph “Vermillion Lakes Sunrise” will show you why. Patrick captures breathtaking images–and sells them, too. Check him out.

Bucket List–Travel Category

If posts that have nothing to do with writing annoy you, close this window. This post is the rambling of an old fool, dreaming about places to go before death arrives. Ill health in the family gets one thinking about what to do with what is left of one’s life.

Today’s post is about a selfish category: Travel.

My husband and I have been married 14 years. In that time, we have traveled to five of the six continents (Eurasia is one continent). Antarctica beckons, so it is on the bucket list. (So is somewhere in Asia, for those of you who consider Asia a separate continent; that leaves me with two continents to visit.)

I have visited 49 of 50 states in my country. Alaska remains unexplored, so a trip there makes the list. Similarly, I want to visit (or re-visit) ALL the National Parks in the United States.

So if I am allowed another decade similar to the last one, I hope to achieve these milestones.