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“Hell. Where is it going now?”

The ever-circling icon in front of WordPress.com on the toolbar indicates I am off in an unknown and unwanted direction.

“When will I ever get the hang of this?” I click a button. Nothing. I click again. Click, click, click. Still the circle goes round and round.

WordPress.com is not responding, the tool bar reads.

“No shit.”

Click. click. click.

Try something else. Add tags. Yeah, I’ll add tags. I type HUMOR, but only the H appears.  And the flashing hash is in front of the H. I move the cursor behind the H and type UMOR, but only the U appears and the hash is in front of the U.


I try again, but can only type one letter at a time. I am getting tired of repositioning the cursor. I go back to working on the body of the post.  In the midst of a sentence, everything disappears.


The circular icon is spinning again. And spinning, spinning, spinning.

The list of posts appears.

“I did not hit publish. I did NOT,” I say as I scan down to today’s items. I see the word DRAFT.

“Oh, thank God.”

I click “edit.” The screen with text appears. Half of my post is gone, vanished in mid-sentence, mid-word. About three paragraphs before the spot where  I was working– gone!

I stand up, close the notebook lid and head to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.


True story. My morning. End of story.