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Dream Smasher

What is it about  people who seem bent on smashing the dreams of others?

Author Bob O’Connor says, “Don’t let anyone destroy your dreams.”  The fact that he has to warn his listeners argues the existence of Dream Smashers.

The native peoples of North America fashioned willow hoops and wove webs inside the circle to simulate spider webs.  These dream catchers were created by elders and used to protect the vulnerable.  In the native cultures, the community worked together to promote good for all.

Wisegeek.com reports “Faith in the Great Spirit causes the dream catcher to hold not only good dreams, but also good visions, ideas and opportunities to help people achieve their ideals and goals. Therefore, dream catchers are not just for sleeping, but totems believed by some to concentrate good energy and neutralize negative energy.”

The native peoples ingrained Dream Building into their culture and social fabric.

So which are you? Dream Builder or Dream Smasher.