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Stockman Says The Ship Is Going Down

“Kill the Fed. Lunatics run it. Tell the generals to put their toys away. Cut the Defense budget by a third. Let the Bush tax cuts expire on everybody. Let greedy, mismanaged banks collapse. Obama’s budget is a fantasy. Let the wealthy pay a larger portion for their medicare. Start the revisions ASAP. Ron Paul was right about the Fed destroying America.”


CNBC was startled when its guest, former Reagan-era money man David Stockman, barraged the interviewers with the frank comments above. The TV hosts joked about throwing Stockman off the set. In essence, Stockman says the public is being lied to by banks, Congress, the Federal Reserve and its chairman Ben Bernanke, and both political parties. Without sensible change, the country faces ruin, he says.




In an election year, it is important to take in as many facts as one can before making one’s decision. Here’s a perspective  to consider as one makes a choice for November’s election:




My Cup Runneth Over

When I was young, the phrase “my cup runneth over” was commonly used to describe the moments when one didn’t think one could be any happier, any more content, any richer in life’s blessings.

After several days of bathing in the outpourings of support from you, who mean a lot to me, I am glowing from the inside, radiating on the outside. Beaming.

Forgive my indulgence in saccharine, but I feel candy coated, seeing the world through rose-colored rock candy crystals. It is uncommon, atypical, a-few-times-in-a- lifetime  that I feel this good. Normally when this level of optimism hits, I would take cover and look for the sky that is about to fall on me. But not today.

Instead, I am licking my milkshake moustache, chewing my bubble gum to the last nth of flavor, slurping the hot fudge from the side of the sundae glass, and sucking melted M & M’s from my fingertips. It’s an Ed Ames kind of moment. I am going to roll in it and carry the scent home.