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Rallying Cry

Okay, I am trying this once again. I have posted my less than 500 word continuation of the story, based on the prompt of JK Bradley on his blog. I desperately need you to go to http://thebradleychronicles.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/indie-500-second-week/#comments¬† and open the comments. (Click on the cartoon-style balloon with numbers in it. It’s near the headline. ) Then go to my comment, where my entry is posted, and vote for me.
At this moment it is a two horse race. JK Bradley won his own contest last week. Let’s give him some competition this week and force him to have to write his own entry next week¬†from someone else’s prompt!

Whadaya say? Will you help me out here and vote for my entry in the contest?

Thanks! Mucho with besos y abrazos.