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Use the Bells and Whistles

In a previous post, I linked to Ryan Tracy’s Tips and Tricks for Self-Publishers, Part 4. His post gives some advice (learned from his own experience as an author selling on Amazon.com) for authors who have completed writing and editing and are ready to upload  a book to Amazon.com. He suggests practices to get the most out of  marketing your e-book.

I adore the simplicity of his premise: use all the bells and whistles available to you to tell the world about you and your book. Sometimes simple gimmicks make extraordinary differences. So try them.

The average e-book author who is independently published sells a mere 45 copies per title. Use Ryan’s suggestions to take yourself out of  average status into the stellar sphere. In his words:

“Another tactic I think is often overlooked is to take advantage of all the bells and whistles on your book’s profile page on Amazon. For example:

• Solicit “likes” and customer reviews.

 • Activate Look Inside the Book.

 • Upload customer images.

• Add keyword tags.

• Add book extras via Shelfari.

• Create an author page.”

In case you missed Ryan’s post the first time, you may read it in its entirety here:


Social Media is Taking Over…Don’t Believe Me? Watch This Video.

If you are over 39, and you want to remain relevent in business or in a creative field, you better read Gen Y Girl Kayla Cruz’s link below. Watch the video. It is a MUST.

If you are over 39 and unemployed, you are apt to stay that way unless you embrace the way of the world. Technology is rapidly changing the way business is conducted and the way people communicate.

Finally, if you are writing a book set in 2012, you better understand modern culture. If you have your twenty- or thirty-something character spending time on e-mail  primarily using a laptop, you are so out of touch. Your credibility will be negatively affected. Or your character may be viewed as social awkward.

As a member of the over 39 club, I learn and re-learn till my head hurts.

Social Media is Taking Over…Don’t Believe Me? Watch This Video..

Lesson: Photographing Bambi Ballet

Flying Reindeer?.

Click on the link. Please take a moment to read the tactic used by the author to capture this real life Bambi Ballet. For authors who wish to sell magazine articles, acquiring photography skills can enhance your earnings. A friend of mine sells articles to several sailing magazines. She has learned to be a good photographer. Now she sells photographs with her articles. Consequently, she has doubled her earnings.

The “Flying Reindeer” author talks about animal photography and a trick he learned on the fly. It’s a simple tool to add to your writer’s  tool box.


Incredibly, a single blogger can attract a huge following. There is a blogger by the name of MaryMac who is a “mommy blogger” of major proportions — 10,000 followers proportions. She started blogging a few years ago about her crazy life, her marriage and motherhood. She has four kids.

She has a very biting sense of humor – an R bordering on X sense of humor – that caught on with lots of people.  All that attention opened doors and advanced her wished-for writing career. She became a popular speaker on using social media at writers conferences. Then she became a magazine editor.

And she still blogs.

About a year ago, I took a class from her at the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference. She and author Mindie Burgoyne, also a teacher at the conference, told me to start blogging in preparation for publishing my first novel. So here I am.

In case you want to check out MaryMac for yourself, click here:


Prolific Author Makes Living by Self-Publishing

From USA Today, article author Jefferson Graham, published 2/15/2012

Scott Nicholson is the author of 70 books. His success comes from self-publishing his volumes and selling them on-line at Amazon.com. He publishes using formats for e-readers like Kindle.

Nicholson is a self-taught e-publisher. He uses stock photographs and picture editing software to create his book covers. Nicholson, 49, says, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

He publishes four books per year from his home in North Carolina. Though he doesn’t state a dollar amount, he says he earns enough from royalties to have a “comfortable living.”

Nicholson is living my dream. His example is my incentive to keep moving forward, one writing session at a time.



A Resource for Self-Publishers

Regarding: http://paper.li/Belinda_Pollard/1309952607

I just stumbled onto a terrific source of information about e-publishing and self-publishing. I have bookmarked the site in my favorites. There is too much information to absorb in one setting. I will need to return again and again.

It’s kind of like blogging. When I started my first blog a year ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I’d never seen or read a blog. I started a blog because I was told to, if I wanted to be an author in an e-world. I am still learning.


 This new-to-me resource on e-publishing is a storehouse of information. Right now I won’t understand much of it. I won’t recognize its significance until I have immersed myself in the e-publishing experience. THEN, I will be able to appreciate fully the value of this website.

The Office

What triggers a person to get off dead center and move toward a goal?


For me, it was a chance encounter on Tangier Island, VA. My husband and I were returning to the pier after breakfast ashore. An ocean-going sailboat was tied stern to in a slip, the name on her stern plainly visible. It said “The Office.” The vessel was registered in the United Kingdom.


The light bulb in my brain flashed. How could I make a living from anywhere in the world? My office could be a sailboat, the living quarters in a horse trailer, a travel trailer, the passenger seat in a car, the library, a cruise ship deck. . .literally wherever.


That moment gave birth to my dream to write novels.


I am lucky that the timing of my dream is what it is. The internet is global. The e-publishing industry is developing rapidly. Many readers are transitioning to electronic reading devices, so they can access e-books wherever they are – in a restaurant, on the beach, in a motel room, in a board room.


The supply and demand chain has never been so liberating to both ends of the spectrum.