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Here’s the Link to Preview the Anthology


Clicking on the link takes you to the cover and a brief look inside the first few pages of the new Anthology. Coincidentally, my work appears first in the book, so it is my work that is open to be read as part of  a free preview. Talk about pressure. If my work doesn’t nab a reader, then the rest of the authors may never get read. My work has to convince the site visitor to buy the book.

We priced the book at an affordable $2.99 because we want many people to take the chance to buy the book, then read it.

Remember, if you purchase a copy of the book and have constructive feedback for any of the authors, please share it here. The book is the first product of our writers group, reflecting our growing as writers. You, as reader, matter to us and we want to hear what you think, good or bad. Just make the critique constructive so an author can improve based on what you say.



The Anthology Is Going to Press

Within the week, the Writers of the Desert Rose Cafe Anthology will be in the hands of Acorn Book Services for formatting. Within the month, the e-book will be available for sale on Amazon.com.

The anthology integrates the varied writing interests of the authors into a fast and easy read.  There’s something for everyone: young adult to inspirational to fantasy to adult fiction to poetry to ultra-short story (such as 33- or 55-word stories). Whatever your tastes in reading, the anthology offers enough variety to satisfy.

Sound like an advertisement? It is.

Naturally, I hope you will read the anthology and share feedback with me. Your feedback helps the writers of Desert Rose Cafe to improve and grow. Criticism is welcomed when it is meant to help.

The project itself drove several of the authors out of a comfort zone. Writing within a group setting is very different from writing alone. For a couple of the writers, the process of publication is a first experience. Others have years of creative expertise. One of our own developed the book cover with group input. Members assumed varying responsibilities such as editing, content organization, setting timelines and the like. The satisfaction of bringing the projection to completion is almost at hand.

As an aside, one of our authors has Asperger’s Syndrome, a developmental disability that affects one’s ability to socialize and communicate effectively with others. Can you imagine the huge satisfaction that writer is feeling right now?

Now the marketing begins, along with the next learning curve for some of us. When the e-book is available to purchase, I’ll share where to buy it.

As I learn what works and what doesn’t on the marketing side of the venture, I’ll share those lessons, too.

Later, ‘gator.

Surgery Imminent

Today was the day for hubby’s surgery. However, a patient in more dire condition than hubby bumped him from his spot. His doctor courteously asked if hubby minded. He did, but the humanitarian side of him was gracious. How do you say no to a man who faces imminent death? You don’t. You yield with grace. Your own heart still beats.

In another day or two, a spot will open for hubby.

Friends and family have called, e-mailed, or traveled hundreds of miles to be here to offer support. Hubby and I feel loved.

I know when he wheels away into surgery, I will worry and wrestle with a dozen other feelings. Over the press of fear, I am choosing reason–at least in this moment. He has great medical people helping him.

So on the eve of surgery, I write. To keep sane. To focus on something else. To pretend everything is all right. Which it is, or will be.


The missing started

the moment you turned your back.

It felt like forever.

Song-inspired Fiction or Poetry, Song #3

The third song prompt is “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas. I’m curious to see where this toe-tapper will take me. And you. If you are also using these song prompts for writing exercises, how about sharing how you were inspired?

Listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tiPAvmy3eA

Coming In Like a Lion

Today –the last day of June– I was driving my car, my radio set to a rock station that was playing selections from four decades. The songs conjured stories. I thought, why not do a month of musically influenced short stories? Each story will be inspired by one song. The inspiration can come from the lyrics, the emotion or simply the sound of the music.

So, for July, that is what I am going to do. Intermixed with my usual advice for writers and other similar stuff, I am going to write a short story, flash fiction or haiku tied to music.

My first song selection is “Black” by Pearl Jam.  It is the melody that was playing when the idea hit me. I’ve included a YouTube link below, which includes the lyrics. This anthem expresses the bitterness associated with lost love. A listener doesn’t need to know what the lyrics are to know the vocalist is expressing emotional pain.

If you don’t know the song. listen to it the first time with your eyes closed. Just feel it. Then watch the video so you can read the lyrics.


The story is coming soon to a blog near you.

Final Edit Before the Editor

Last night I slaved over my submissions to the anthology project by the local writers’ group. I am editing the pieces and trying to assemble the collection in an order that seems logical or easy to read.

I am fretting.

My genre for which I want to be known is the novel. Yet the pieces to be included in the anthology include haiku and short fiction.  The longest piece is about 500 words. There are a couple of 55-word micro-fiction stories. It’s a weird assortment. But then I am a weird writer. Or I write weird stuff. Or maybe all of the above.

I am fretting.

I want readers to like the material. I want the stories to introduce me to readers. I want those who read the stories to want to read more from me.

I am fretting.

Haiku–The Crow

The Crow

by Fay Moore (c) 2012

The crow stands atop

the light pole–untouchable–

surveying his world.

I love crows. I enjoy watching them in the field behind my house. I feed them and provide a water source. Some people think I’m nuts to attract them. I can’t tell you why, but I am enamored of crows. Sometimes we caw to each other, though my vocailization more often sends them flying. On rare occasions, the conversation continues. Often a crow will perch in one of the trees in the paddock and watch me tend the horses, braying an occasional comment at me. He wants to be sure the work is done to his standard. He’s my treetop supervisor.

Recently I was seated in a car, waiting on my companion to return from an errand, when I spotted a crow atop a light pole. He walked in circles on the pole’s flat top, looking out in all directions. He seemed content on his perch. My guess is that, in the entire packed parking  lot, I alone sat looking up at the crow looking down on us. That incident resulted in the haiku above.