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Finding Unique Murder Weapons

Although it is twisted, I like killing people–in stories that is. Not in real life! So, as a killer on paper, I am always looking for the next best murder weapon. This week I found one: Visine. Yes, the eye wash–the one that “gets the red out” of your eyes. Who knew?

According to webzine The Inquisitr:

Tetrahydrozoline, an ingredient found in Visine and other eye drops, can cause quite a few problems if it is ingested. Included in  the symptoms are vomiting, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, and difficulty  breathing. The chemical can also cause tremors and seizures.

It’s a readily available weapon. It’s probably in my victim’s medicine cabinet. If not, my murderer can find it on any superstore shelf with the other health products.  There’s an irony in the product placement–health products–isn’t there? You can bet you’ll see Visine make an appearance in a future story of mine.

Watch for it (pun fully intended).