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Feed Your Head

No, this is not a reference to the newly legalized pot smoking that’s going on in Washington and Colorado.

Tyler Durden says:

Isaac Newton, the father of classical mechanics and progenitor of nearly every technology we use today, was easily one of the top 10 most influential minds in all of human history… Yet as accomplished as he was, Newton credited the brilliant scientists and philosophers who came before him, acknowledging that his insights would not have been remotely possible without the foundations laid by great thinkers– Archimedes, da Vinci, Descartes, etc. No doubt, all great ideas flourish by expanding upon the works of others.


As writers, we have our own influences; those whom we revere and those whom we emulate in style or content. It’s the ‘taking in’ that gives the creative brain the puzzle pieces to connect to make a picture. The creation coming from the mind of an author is a bit like compost. A myriad of articles go into the bin to churn and percolate. Then out the other side comes a rich, aromatic, fertile product. It is a by-product of what went in, yet it looks nothing like the original articles that created it.

Today’s task is simple. Feed your head. Give it something to write about tomorrow.

Quote on the Eve of the Second Tuesday in November

It’s time for a bit o’ the American humorist Mark Twain. Enjoy!

  • Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
  • Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
  • Barring that natural expression  of villainy which we all have, the man looked honest enough.
  • . . .one of the first achievements of the legislature was to institute a ten thousand dollar agricultural fair to show off forty dollars’ worth of pumpkins. . .


Influence. It’s what we writers hope to have over the thoughts of others.

Maybe you write humor or slice of life pieces. Or pulp fiction.  You think “I don’t have any influence. I write fluff stuff.”


There is a tribute film coming out about The Three Stooges. Yep. Moe, Curly and Larry are getting a tribute for humor that still makes kids laugh decades later. On CBS’s Sunday Morning , these three Average Joes, who annoyed parents and delighted their children, were hailed as the funniest humor trio ever.

The trio made three short films per year. The scripts were written and produced. Fluff.

So, like it or not, when we put words to the page, and anyone out there reads and likes our work, we wield influence.

Just food for thought.