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Getting Real in Order To Learn Something

This post is a follow-up to yesterday’s posting. After I penned “When an Author Offends,” I started thinking that maybe I was mistaken about why a reader leaves.

I decided to contact one of my own long-time readers who recently departed. I wrote:

Hi, dear girl. I can’t help but notice your absence. That leads me to ask you to help me out by explaining what happened? Where did I change as a writer — or change my subject matter — that lost you as a reader? I ask, not because I am hurt, but in order to learn from the experience. You followed a long time. At some point, I no longer was useful to you. I’d like to understand that. It will be helpful to me as an author. Thank you for all the input you gave me. I really appreciated it. (And I miss you.)

This blog is about wanting to be a writer, in every sense of the word. A writer is a creator, a marketer, a brand-builder, a businessman, a human being.

So I need to be transparent about my weaknesses and faults. Doing so may save you, my reader, a misstep of your own.

I hope my blog friend replies. She will do me a great service if she is frank and honest. It will be a valuable learning experience.

There’s a Dark Something in There

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Gustave Flaubert

This little quote popped up on a WordPress notification this morning. I read it and loved it.

I never looked at writing that way. Writing opens me up to myself; writing is self-discovery.

Normally, I would whole-heartedly embrace that concept, except sometimes I write really creepy, dark things. If I believe writing is self-discovery,  I have to examine the dark component. I always thought the writing of those dark stories was me cleaning the bugs out of my basement. Maybe I want to leave that side of myself undiscovered. It can percolate in the dark, wafting fumes (my dark stories) from its lair every once in a while.