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Introducing Larry Matthews

Larry Matthews is a broadcast journalist turned book author. I met Larry at the Crime, Creatures & Creativity Conference in Hunt Valley, MD this past weekend.

He has several books out. Reviewers say:

“Author Larry Matthews has a knack for creating believable, realistic characters in very unusual circumstances.”


His books are available on his website; the link is provided below.

One of the special features on Larry’s site is a selection of podcast interviews Larry has done with a number of authors. For the beginning writer, the podcasts offer a window into the mind of men and women who create books. Larry’s years in broadcasting with media giants like National Public Radio have honed his interviewing skills. Listening to the podcasts, you will feel as though you are sitting at the table with Larry and his guest, sharing an intimate conversation about the process of writing.

For access to the podcasts and to learn more about Larry Mathews and his books–including the David Haggard thrillers–please click here: http://larrymatthews.net/