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The Five Minute Spanish Lesson

Thank you, Lasesana, for offering this great introduction to Spanish in 15 easy lessons.


Writers, pay attention. This is the place to grab a little Spanish to spice up your dialogue in your manuscript. Poets, use the language of passion to punch up that poetry.

Kid’s Stuff–Something To Do When There’s No School

When I put together my Kid’s Stuff book someday, this will be one of the activities. It’s the directions for making a homemade ginger ale, called ginger bug, the all natural way. Tell your kids this is how the early settlers would do it. It makes it more interesting to them.

The recipe comes from http://www.foodunderfoot.com, a web site about edible plants that grow wild in your neighborhood. (And it is a great source of activity ideas to teach your kids cool stuff about the world around them. Boy and Girl Scout kinds of things.)

School will be out for the holidays. Maybe you can make this fizzy beverage together to keep the kids out of mischief, for a few minutes each day anyway. Be sure to serve it icy cold.

To make the ginger bug:
■3 cups water
■2 Tbsp chopped fresh ginger (unpeeled, washed)
■2 Tbsp sugar (organic is best)

To a glass jar add the above ingredients and stir well. Cover with a cloth and leave on the counter for 2 days.

After two days, add 2 tsp chopped unpeeled ginger and 2 tsp sugar each day for a week. Stir a couple times a day. Keep covered with a cloth on the counter (not refrigerated.) It should get fizzy and taste like ginger ale. It is now ready to use.

Jack Kerouac Writing Lesson

The longer you live, the more necessary it is to remind yourself to think outside the box. Author Jack Kerouac is an example of thinking WAY outside the box. He did so successfully. A kind soul gathered the advice Kerouac gave and narrated it in a short video. Even an attention deficient person like me can listen–quickly–and learn.


A big thank you to madinpursuit at YouTube for providing this:

Connecting to Memories

This morning I am sore from yesterday’s yard work, so I decide to blog hop. In doing so, I read and  reconnect to some very happy memories. The experience is a precious gift from the author to me, the reader.

I need to remember this lesson when I am writing. Strive to  connect to something vivid inside my readers.