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Touching Passion

Today I found someone who shares a surname with me.  Until today, I didn’t know he existed. (My loss!) He plays electric guitar. Exquisitely.

As an artist, I want to figuratively crawl inside my audience and arouse, inflame, move them. I want them to feel what I feel, see what I see, hear what I hear. I want their skin to crawl when I quake. I want their heart to race when I  roar. I want their blood to burn when I seethe.

Blues guitarist Gary Moore did that to me today with his guitar solo in the song “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know.” I am still panting. Wait through the vocals for the guitar solo. It’s worth it.

play here

Infuse your art with passion. Make it raw. It touches people.

I Turned Guilt into Cash

Maybe I have stumbled onto the best of both worlds.

If I am not writing (and I consider blogging to be writing, so yes this counts!), then I am likely to be on horseback or in the garden. This time of year, in the garden trumps horseback riding. April showers bring April, May, June weeds by the droves. It is a never-ending job to stay ahead of the growth spurt of greenery.

So what did I do to turn my guilt from time spent in the garden away from the keyboard into cash? I started a CSA —  a Community Supported Agriculture garden. I sold two shares in my garden for $1,000. Now I am getting paid to be distracted.

Yesterday I spoke to the cafe owner (where the local writer’s group meets) about buying fresh produce from me. She is amenable to the concept. Her assistant asked to be able to buy from me, too, for his own kitchen. Cool.