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Totally Obsessed

If you are a car aficionado as I am, then you may have caught Motor Trend’s review of a new hand-built sports car:

But that’s not what makes the Pagani Huayra special. What makes it special is that it’s the singular product of one man’s singular passion. “We are a design and research company based on the Renaissance theory of art and science working together,” says Argentine-born Horacio Pagani. “That’s not our idea — it’s 500 years old. We take our inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci.” Pagani has thought through every single detail of this car — his one-on-one walkthrough of the Huayra’s technical highlights lasted more than three hours. He is truly autodom’s Renaissance man (he named his first son Leonardo): part designer, part engineer, mostly self-taught, totally obsessed.

The last line of the paragraph defines the creator. I think I am going to claim something similar to it as my motto and get it printed on a T-shirt.

“part artist, part wordsmith, mostly self-taught, totally obsessed”

As a writer, it’s the only way I can be.