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New Author Education from Lauren Carr

Lauren Carr, top-selling mystery author, has a new book in the works: Authors in Bathrobes. It is a down-to-earth tutorial for the new author. It will be  available before Christmas on Amazon.

I want to share an excerpt from her book that describes where I am in the publishing process. It is an educational eye-opener for the new author who has a publication-ready manuscript and wants to know what comes next.

ARC: Advanced Review Copy

When you traditionally publish, approximately three to four months before a book is released, the publisher will send out advanced copies of books to publications, reviewers, or even celebrities. Authors will sometimes offer ARC’s as giveaways or prizes for fans.

The purpose of this advanced release of the book is two-fold:

The reviewers are able to read the book and provide reviews, which will come out at the same time as the release. This is how big-named books by major authors have hundreds of reviews posted, sometimes even before the book is released. Big publishers will send out hundreds (sometimes thousands) of ARC’s, also called Uncorrected Proofs, to get the publicity ball rolling. The reviewers know that they are reading a proof, so they are forgiving of typos and errors.

Meanwhile, the author is reviewing the book for any last-minute errors he or she may catch.

Because I am a new author and do not have a staff of editors to do the work of editing for me, I am s-l-o-w about getting my changes made. I grossly underestimated the time it would take to proof and correct my book manuscript.

Lauren’s book will help you avoid lots of mistakes that beginners make. Watch for it. It is coming soon!


Introducing Author Shelton Keys Dunning

A wonderful aspect of the Internet is networking. Shelton Keys Dunning and I met virtually when we co-wrote (with two more authors) a short story called “The Reunion.” You can read it here: http://camerondgarriepy.com/join-the-the-story-circle/the-reunion-june-2012/

Anyway, Shel has become a friend and supporter of my writing quest. She is one of my beta readers. (Hint: if you ever need a professional editorial review, hire someone like Shel or Acorn Book Services! Search for either professional online.)

I also thought I would introduce her to you as an author. See more about her below.


That’s right!

The Trouble With Henry is now available for more platforms:
And I haven’t forgotten about the “Dead Tree” format. Stay tuned for an actual physical book.