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Introducing Author Shelton Keys Dunning

A wonderful aspect of the Internet is networking. Shelton Keys Dunning and I met virtually when we co-wrote (with two more authors) a short story called “The Reunion.” You can read it here: http://camerondgarriepy.com/join-the-the-story-circle/the-reunion-june-2012/

Anyway, Shel has become a friend and supporter of my writing quest. She is one of my beta readers. (Hint: if you ever need a professional editorial review, hire someone like Shel or Acorn Book Services! Search for either professional online.)

I also thought I would introduce her to you as an author. See more about her below.


That’s right!

The Trouble With Henry is now available for more platforms:
And I haven’t forgotten about the “Dead Tree” format. Stay tuned for an actual physical book.